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Specialising in Dim Sum and Szechuanese cooking, we are most popular with the local Chinese community and the adventurous foodies, in Sheffield.

Open every day, 7 days a week, 12pm - 12am. Including Bank Holidays. Closed Christmas and Boxing Day Only.


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55, The Moor, Sheffield, S1 4PF

We are situated in the Heart of Sheffield city centre, on the main pedestrianised shopping precinct; The Moor.  If you wish to park, there is an NCP carpark at the back of our restaurant on Earl Way, where you can safely leave your car and come through to our restaurant around the back.

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開胃前菜 Appetisers & 湯 Soups


Appetisers and Soups are traditionally a way for the chef to give you a glimpse of the feast that is about to come! Some of these will be familiar classics, but we have brought in a couple of more adventurous options too, to whet your appetite.  


特色拼Zing Vaa Platter for 2

A selection of your favourite appetisers including spring

rolls, crispy wan tun, sesame prawn toast, seaweed and

barbecue spare ribs.   £9.20 


生菜包 Chicken and Squid Lettuce Wrap

Finely chopped chicken and squid stir fried with vegetables,

served with a hoi sin sauce and crispy lettuce.

A vegetarian option for this dish is available.   £7.90


酥炸羊肉 Crispy Aromatic Lamb for 2

Crispy aromatic lamb, served with lettuce and plum sauce   £7.90


Vegetarian Spring Rolls (v)

Crispy Filo pastry stuffed with mixed vegetables  £3.00


椒鹽豆腐 Garlic Salt and Pepper Spicy Tofu (v)

Deep Fried bean curd with garlic salt and pepper, chillies  £3.60


糖醋雲吞 Crispy Wan Tun (v)

Deep fried wan tun pastry with sweet and sour sauce  £3.40


酥炸雲吞 Crispy Wan Tun Dumplings 

Prawn-stuffed dumplings, deep-fried until crispy  £4.00


沙嗲雞 Satay Chicken

Chicken in skewers served with satay sauce dip   £4.60


椒鹽雞片 Garlic Salt and Pepper Spicy Chicken  £4.20

Chicken tossed in pepper, salt, garlic and chilli 


熏雞 Smoked Spicy Chicken. Peking Style  £4.20


海草 Crispy Seaweed  £3.00


蝦片 Prawn Crackers  £2.00


Barbecued Spare Ribs

Marinated and roasted in Chinese herbs and sauces  £5.00


椒鹽Garlic Salt and Pepper Spicy Spare Ribs  

Deep-fried Spare Ribs with pepper, sat, garlic and chilli   £5.00


Peking Style Spare Ribs  £5.00

Deep-fried Spare ribs, tossed in a sweet fruity sauce


豉汁青口 Mussels in Black Bean Sauce 

Fresh mussels wok fried in black bean, garlic and chilli sauce  £4.70


蒜茸蒸蝦 Steamed Prawns with Garlic  £5.70


椒鹽Salt, Pepper Spicy Prawns   

Deep fried king prawns with pepper, salt, garlic and chilli  £4.70


芝麻蝦 Sesame Prawns on Toast

A classic starter; minced prawns on toast, with

golden sesame seeds  £4.50


紙包蝦 Rice Paper Prawns

Finely chopped prawns and vegetables, wrapped in

rice paper and deep fried  £4.50


鳳尾蝦 Butterfly Prawns

Deep fried whole crispy prawns in a light fluffy batter  £4.70


百花釀蟹鉗 Stuffed Crab Claw (Each)

Deep Fried Crab Claw stuffed with minced prawns  £4.60


椒鹽鮮魷 Salt and Pepper Spicy Squid

Deep-fried squid with garlic, salt, pepper and chilli  £4.50


明蝦角 Deep-Fried Crispy Prawn Dumplings   £4.20 



In a Chinese meal, soups are more often taken with the meal rather than as an appetiser, so feel free to order these in amongst other dishes, as the flavours will still complement each other well. These thicker soups originated in China as stews covering a whole variety of comforting ingredients, both meat and vegetables.


The secret to a good soup in Chinese cuisine, like in European cuisine, is in the stock. The Chinese also drink a variety of thinner soups that are taken often instead of tea, and are broth-like. The goodness of these soups are thought to ward off any illnesses, so soups have become important as part of the Chinese daily diet.


酸辣 Hot and Sour soup

        with pork char siu  £3.40

        with mushrooms (v)  £3.20



蟹肉/雞蓉粟米湯 Sweetcorn Soup  

     with chicken or crabmeat  £3.40

     with mushrooms (v)  £3.20


雲吞湯 Wan Ton Soup  £3.40


紫菜湯 Seaweed Soup

Light hearty broth with Seaweed, Prawns & Chicken   £3.40


三鮮湯  Three Seafood Soup

Delicacies of diced mixed seafood in a broth  £3.40


味噌Miso Soup (v)

Japanese soup with tofu, mushrooms, and Seaweed    £3.40


紫菜露筍湯 Seaweed and Asparagus Soup (v)  £3.20


Tofu and Mixed Vegetables Soup (v)  £3.20